Valvcon V Series Electric Actuator

VALVCON V Series Electric Actuator

The VALVCON V Series electric actuator is a compact, rugged, reliable electric actuator designed for quarter-turn valve and damper applications and is available in both NEMA 4/4X and NEMA 4/4X/7&9 configurations. Notable features include all hardened steal spur gears, standard ISO 5211 mounting interfaces and CSA Certification to both Canadian and US Standards.


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The VALVCON V Series electric actuator is a compact, rugged, reliable electric actuator...


  • Electronics are simple to use, with a clearly labeled terminal strip and easy access to user wiring
  • Plug-in electronics for simple upgrades and modifications, with coded connectors to make internal mis-wiring impossible
  • Standard 75{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} duty cycle at ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F
  • Visual position indicator is part of the cover (no removal necessary) and clearly shows valve position
  • Dual conduit openings make wiring easier, and keep power and control wiring separate
  • Limit switches provide end of travel control and position indication
  • “Captive” cover bolts are permanently attached to the cover and simplify installation in awkward locations (small enclosure  only)
  • Manual override is declutchable and wrench-operated for valve positioning when electricity is not available
  • Locked rotor stall protection stops the motor if excessive torque is encountered, providing protection from stall conditions (AC modulating applications only)
  • Thermal overload cutout protects the motor from damage caused by over duty cycle applications
  • Permanently lubricated, hardened steel spur gears throughout
  • Highly efficient, split-phase, capacitor run AC motors provide long-life and high duty cycles with very low power consumption

Valvcon V Series Specifications

Specifications - Control Board for Std 115VAC & 230VAC Modulating Apps

Valvcon V Series Control Board Specifications


Valvcon V Series Technical


Valvcon V Series Options


The Valvcon V Series quarter-turn electric actuator will comply with Part 15, Class A of the FCC regulations for missions and conducted radiation for industrial devices. It will also be certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for (weathertight) or (weathertight and hazardous) locations. It will be composed of a compact cast aluminum housing, motor, gearing, limit switches controlled by metal cams for end of travel control, mechanical position indicator, and declutchable override as one complete unit. Composite (non-metallic) housing covers are permitted for non-hazardous locations. All internal connections (motor leads, limit switch leads, option connectors, etc.) will be coded, using different style connectors for each function, to prevent mis-wiring. All connections will plug-in to simplify field repairs and upgrades. No preventive or periodic maintenance of any type will be required.

115VAC & 230VAC On/Off Applications

Valvcon V Series Wiring - 115/VAC & 230VAC On/Off Applications

115VAC & 230VAC with Modulating Control

Valvcon V Series Wiring - 115VAC & 230VAC with Modulating Control

Ordering Information

The following Ordering Reference Tables shows 2 ordering types for the VALVCON V Series electric actuator.

115VAC & 230VAC Standard Electric Actuator

Valvcon V Series Order 115VAC & 230VAC Standard Electric Actuator

Special Electric Actuator

Valvcon V Series Order Special Electric Actuator

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