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Our in house actuation shop allows us to create customized automation solutions for any type project. Contact us today!


Hermetix Zero Leak Steam Seal

Complies with fugitive emission standards. 500-cycle maintenance free. Contact us for more information.


Orbinox Valve Distributor

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves are high performance. There are a wide variety of types which makes it easy to find one suitable for your application.



Our full line of valves for special applications will solve your toughest process flow problems.



This manual valve is designed for the customer that has a critical requirement for accuracy with a balancing valve in any durable situation.



We offer a complete line of quality brand names.



Customized automation solutions for electric, hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuators.


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We Provide Valve Automation Solutions

Acutation Shop - Automated Valve & Equipment Co.Let our team of experts help you with your valve automation requirements for electric, hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuators using the best quality components from a variety of respected manufacturers in the flow control industry.

We’re a full service valve automation shop, which includes an in-house actuation shop. Our line of actuators includes both rack-and-pinion and skotch yoke pneumatic design, hydraulic, and 115VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC, 24VDC and spring return or battery operated electric. Capabilities include low pressure air (as low as 10psig), high cycle, high speed (up to 100 millisecond), high temperature, submerged, water powered, sanitary and chemical resistant applications. Control valve designs include self-operating, pneumatic, and electro-pneumatic. We also handle controls for pressure and temperature regulation. Our actuators have networking capabilities, using a variety of standard network protocols, including AS-Interface, Profibus, and Foundation.

Our Customers
We serve a wide variety of customers from end users in the power, process, steel, oil and gas, water/wastewater, and food processing industries as well as O.E.Ms and contractors. We pride ourselves in personalized service that results in long term partnerships.

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Let our team of experts help you with a valve automation solution that’s right for your project.

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