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Specialty Valves And Strainers

Specialty Valves

Our full line of valves for special applications will solve your toughest process flow problems.

Alloy metals and polymers for corrosion; high temp and cryogenic for extreme temperatures; API firesafe valves for flammable and combustible product lines; metal seated and soft lined seats for abrasion, sludge and slurrys. And we offer a line of multi-port, modulating, multi-stage and emergency shut-down valves for process control.

SHARPE VALVES: Series 76-3-way Ball Valve | Series 80/89 3-piece Ball Valve | Series FS Fire Safe Ball Valves | Series W84, W99, W50 Steam & Thermal Fluild Ball Valves | Series M Metal Seated Ball Valves Oil Patch Ball Valves | Oil Patch Check Valves

Pipe Strainers

The Mueller Steam Specialty Simplex Basket Strainer is used when the application requires a pipe strainer with an extremely large capacity.

Many times, critical systems cannot be shut down for strainer basket cleaning. These systems include cooling water, compressors, condensers, fire lines, fuel lines, chemical process systems, pump suction applications and other similar services. For these applications, the Mueller Steam Specialty Duplex Strainer is the perfect choice.

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