promation-pao-seriesSPRING RETURN electric actuator designed for load requirements up to 450”lbs. The actuator comes standard with two auxiliary switches (Form C), an internal low power heater, a NEMA 4X environmental rating, and in 120/230VAC or 24VAC/DC supply voltages.  The PAO Series mechanical connections utilize an ISO5211 mounting system, size F07 with an 8 point 17mm female drive.






Control Modes

A Field Control Device may be relay contact, Switch or Triac type. Pilot device 10A MAX. Auxiliary switches are rated 10A @ 250vac MAX. Terminals A-F are dry type Form C. Terminals accept 12-18ga solid/stranded wire.

Control Device Wiring Diagrams


1. On/Off/2 Position Control

The On/Off/2 Position Control is used for damper or valve applications where the requirement is for either fully open or fully closed positioning. This actuator must drive to it’s end of travel opposite the spring fail position. Loss of control signal or power before reaching it’s end of travel will cause the unit to spring return.


2. Jog/Floating Control

The Jog/Floating control is used for damper or valve applications where the requirement is for the device to be controlled with a standard fl oating controller that can drive one direction, stop in mid stroke, then drive in the opposite direction or any combination thereof. In this scheme, the motor brake will engage any time the drive motor is NOT moving under power. Only a loss of supply POWER will cause the spring mechanism to fail-position the actuator.


3. Proportional Control

The Proportional control is used for damper or valve applications where the requirement is for the device to follow an analog control signal to provide modulating control of the device. The unit will accept various control signal inputs (4-20mA, 2-10vdc or 1-5vdc) and also will provide an analog feedback signal for external signal referencing. In this scheme, the motor brake will engage any time the drive motor is NOT moving under power. Only a loss of supply POWER will cause the spring mechanism to fail-position the actuator. However, a loss of control SIGNAL can be programmed to drive the actuator to either fully open, fully closed or to fail-in-position.


Wire Sizing Data

Wire sizing data is provided in the Wire Sizing Table below to assist in the selection of the proper wire size for PROMATION PAO series actuators using various wire sizes over distance. Please make sure to reference the correct voltage and do not exceed the indicated length of the wire run for each model.

Wire Sizing Table


Switch Logic Map and Switch/Cam Arrangement

Switch sequencing data is provided in the Switch Logic Map and Switch/Cam Arrangement Tables below to show the change-of-state points during the rotation of the actuator from CW to CCW and back again. The LOWER 2 cams are set at the factory and MUST NOT be changed. The INCLUDED auxiliary switches SW3 & SW4 are for terminals A thru F and those set points may be modified if need be.

Switch Logic Map and Switch/Cam Arrangement Tables



Ordering Information

The following Ordering Flow Chart Table shows an example of ordering a PROMATION PAO Series actuator with Spring CW, 120VAC and Proportional options (PAO-CW-120 PS4)

Ordering Flow Chart Table


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