ELLIOTT STOW Remote Valve Operators

Elliott's Uniflex Stow System

Elliott’s Uniflex-Stow™ System

This remote mechanical valve operator is versatile, reliable and promotes safety. It resolves a lot of issues to remote mechanical valve actuation. If you have a valve that is hard to reach or in a hazardous area, but must be actuated, the Elliott Stow Remote Mechanical Valve Operator is a go to solution. It is safe and you can depend on it’s reliability to actuate almost any valve. This is a great replacement for out-of-date dual cable systems, linear systems or make-shift solid rod and UJ systems. There’s is virtually no maintenance and easy to plan and install.

They are used to:

  • Place valve operating stations in convenient positions so that many valves can be accessible from one point.
  • Make valves safer to operate by eliminating high platforms and other dangerous operating environments.
  • Place the operating station away from hazardous environments or situations where operating personnel would normally want to limit exposure.

Flexible Shaft Systems

Elliot Stow Flex Shaft SystemFlexible shaft systems are used when there is a large number of obstacles between the operating position and the valve to be operated. They can be easily routed around these obstacles making installation clean, efficient and simple. It features high-tensile, stainless and carbon steel, flexible shaft which is operated by a direct drive or geared system. The geared system can be configured using a range of gear ratios allowing smooth operation in even the longest and most complex installations. The direct drive system accommodates a wide range torque requirements through the use of varying shaft diameters. A flexible shaft is designed for rotary power transmission and ideally suited to remote and safe actuation of valves.

Rigid Rod Systems

Elliott Stow Rigid Rod SystemRigid rod systems are ideal where remote valve operating system paths are straight or nearly straight. The rigid rod can accommodate sharp bends easily with the use of gear boxes or swivel gear joints. In addition to the rigid components, Elliott manufactures numerous adaptors and other fittings so that combination flexible shaft and rigid rod systems can be used together to handle particularly difficult design problems. The quality of our rigid rod systems is equal to that of the flexible shaft components and conform to Naval Sea Systems Command Specifications.

After the accurate flexible shaft length has been determined, refer to Tables 1 and 2 to select the appropriate flexible shaft size. Table 1 presents the  upon which the values in Table 2 are determined. The shaft sizes presented in Table 2 are based on ordinary oneman effort to operate valves from a remote station. Transmission loss has been compensated for by hand wheel diameter increase. For flexible shaft applications other than remote valve operation, the torque ratings presented in Table 2are appropriate. Maximum total deflection can be calculated by multiplying the total length in feet of the system by the Torsional Deflection shown in Table 1.

Flexible Shaft Selection Guide Chart 1

Flexible Shaft Selection Guide Table 2

A remote valve operator system can be designed using rigid rod components where operating speed is slow or intermittent and rotates in either direction. The selection guide can be used to apply design factors to determine the specifications of suitable rigid rod components in a remote valve operator system. Use the following steps to determine the correct rigid rod diameter and remote operator hand wheel diameter.


  1. Select the design factor (A,B,C or D) that most closely approximates the system under consideration.
  2. Determine the valve hand wheel diameter or valve operating torque for the valve that is to be remotely operated.
  3. Reading down the appropriate design factor column and over from the valve hand wheel/operating torque determined in two (2) above, locate the point of intersection under Column “A”

Note: The hand wheel diameter at the remote operator has been increased to compensate for the transmission system losses.

Rigid Rod Mechanical Properties

Rigid Rod Selection Guide

Gear Driven

Flexible Shaft With Integrated Gearing

Elliot Uniflex Stow System - Flexible shaft with integrated gearing

Major Design Parameters

  • Maximum operating torque at valve 200 ft-lbs (271 Nm)
  • Minimum system length 3 ft (1 M)
  • Minimum bend radius 12 inches (304mm)
  • Operating environment
    • -65°F to +800°F
    • -54°C +427°C

Quick Reference System Ratio Selection Guide

This guide is based on an average system containing approximately 270° of accumulated bends and utilizing a 10” (25.4cm) Tee wrench. Each system selected will deliver the maximum anticipated valve torque with an input torque of around 25 ft lbs (34Nm) at the remote operator.

Elliott Stow Flexible Shaft With Integrated Gear Reference Guide

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