RADIUS Series A Pneumatic Actuator

Rack & Pinion Actuator

The RADIUS Series A rack and pinion actuators are designed to operate “quarter-turn valves”. The wide torque range capabilities* ensure that Radius™ is more than suitable for plug, ball, butterfly valve and damper applications.

RADIUS Series A Actuators


  • Wide torque range available.
  • Namur accessory mounting surfaces are standard on all Radius actuators for attachment of ancillary control devices.
  • Radius quality standards and support.
  • High visibility two-part position indicator may have upper portion removed to expose external Namur drive shaft for simple attachment of Namur accessory devices while retaining position indicating capability.
  • Complete o-ring sealing protects against ingress of outside moisture and contaminants.
  • Unique travel stops in both open & close direction are standard on all models and independently and externally adjustable using standard tools.
  • One piece anti-blow-out bottom entry drive shaft.
  • Available in Spring Return (AS) and Double Acting (AD) confi gurations. Multiple spring design allows for a wider range of torque from a single  unit. All springs are self-contained and guided for optimum effi ciency. All models are fully convertible between
    double acting & spring return.
  • Corrosion resistant by design. Exacting standards of corrosion protection render Radius suitable for most hostile environments.
  • Low-cost, closed circuit breathing system available (Namur fi tting) to protect actuator internal parts from extremely corrosive environments.
RADIUS Series A Benefits
Mounting Dimensions

RADIUS Series A Pneumatic Actuator Mounting Diagram

RADIUS Series A Pneumatic Actuator Mounting Dimensions - 90 degrees

RADIUS Series A Pneumatic Actuator Mounting Dimensions - 180 degrees


RADIUS Series A Dimensions Diagram 1

RADIUS Series A Dimensions - 90 Degrees

RADIUS Series A Dimension Diagram 2

RADIUS Series A Dimensions - 180 Degrees

RADIUS Series A - AD/AS-003A


Output Torque & Air Consumption

RADIUS Series A - Output Torque & Air Consumption

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