VRC Modulating Control Valves

VRC Model V Series

The VRC Model V Series is the most versatile line of pneumatic and electropneumatic positioners available. From general purpose use to extreme and hazardous locations, count on flawless performance from every model.

VRC provides a complete range of models suited to a variety of applications.


VRC V Series Models

With a host of options, you can build the right control valve for your application.

Reliability. Economical operation. Trouble-free performance.


Modularity is the cornerstone of the entire VRC line. Upgrading or modifying any unit is simple, quick and hassel-free.  Switch from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic with ease. Upgrade a positioner in the field with Limit Switches and position Transmitters easily. VRC simplifies upgrades, minimizes inventory and eases servicing like no other line on the market.

Corrosion Resistant

VRC corrosion resistance is unequaled. The I/P Converter and Position Feedback Transmitter are epoxy sealed and the Proximity Switches are hermetically sealed for the ultimate environmental protection. The PPA enclosure and internals exceed NEMA
standards and are specifically designed for all routine and most highly corrosive applications. The PPA enclosure is inherently waterproof and carbon graphite filled to satisfy the toughest demands in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Easy To Mount

Adaptability is a key feature of the V Series. Regardless of actuator model or design, the option V Series Universal Mounting Kit allows for customized adaptation to most current industry models, sizes and styles of quarter turn actuators.  The low profile design of the V Series Universal Mounting Kit insures high performance adaption to the accessory side of the actuator.


Resolution 0.25{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Maximum >0.10{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Typical
Repeatability 99.75{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Minimum 99.90{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Typical
Hysteresis 0.50{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Maximum 0.25{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Typical
Linearity +/- 1.0{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Maximum
Gain @80 PSIG 250 Single-Acting 500 Double-Acting
Air Consumption @80 PSIG 0.25 SCFM Standard Flow Spool Valve 0.45 SCFM. Maximum Flow Spool Valve
Temperature Range -40 to 150F/-40 to 65c
Models VI, VX, VF Anodized and epoxy painted aluminum
Enclosure PPA Composite, 300 Series Stainless Port Rings, Cover and Mounting Bolts
Indicator Lens LEXAN
Internals PPA, PPS and PEEK Composites 300 Series Stainless Steel Nickel Plated Brass
Spool Valve Carpenter 70 Grade Stainless Steel
I/P Converter (VK02) PPA Composite, TEFLON Coated Carbon Steel, Nickel Plated Carbon Steel, High Density Polyethylene
Signal Diaphragm/O-Rings BUNA N

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