Fail-safe Electric Actuators


valvcon-adc-seriesThe Valvcon ADC Series electric actuators provide up to 3000 inch pounds of torque and can be equipped with internal back-up power to allow you to safely shut down your system in the event of an external power loss. Engineered to supply dependable valve and damper actuation, they can provide up to 10 complete cycles under their own internal power!


valvcon-esr-seriesThe Valvcon ESR Series electric actuator provides an internal bank of super-capacitor power storage devices that never need replacement. It’s designed for two-position operation providing true two-wire control: When the actuator is energized it drives to one position; when de-energized the actuator powers itself to the other position. The Valvcon ESR-Series is appropriate for applications that require operation from a single pair of wires.

PROMATION Spring Return Electric Actuators

promation-pao-seriesThe Promation Spring Return Electric Acuators are quarter-turn spring return, robust fail-safe actuators for industry. They are appropriately used on dampers and air handling louvers.

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