TRERICE TR890 Series Electronic PID Controllers

The Trerice TR890 Series Electronic PID Controller is designed for use on applications where large load changes are expected, or the need for extreme accuracy and fast response time exists. With full auto-tune capabilities and a large selection of available inputs, the TR890 Series is ideally suited for use with a Trerice Control Valve.

  • Multiple Sizes
  • ± 0.3{c42715f24aabaeb6b4e3cb6160603ee9c5a794ce0020a316ef38081de5a321e6} Accuracy
  • Keyboard Programmable
  • Reverse or Direct Acting
  • Manual Output Override

Use of a Trerice No. TA987 Air Filter/Regulator is recommended for filtering and regulating the pressure of plant compressed air and delivering clean, dry air at the proper pressure to pneumatic control devices.

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