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Techlite pipe insulation on pipe photo

Techlite pipe insulation detail photo

Techlite pipe insulation photo

Techlite Piping and Sheet Insulation for Industrial Applications

TechLite® is a "state of the art" insulation material. It is flexible foam produced from melamine resin (a thermo set of the amino-plastics group). The three dimensional structure of the foam is made up of a microscopic, slender skeletal structure that delivers excellent insulation properties. No ozone depleting substances are used in the manufacturing of our TechLite® foam.

As a result of this unique structure and inherent nature of the design, TechLite® offers outstanding properties, such as; classified ASTM C-1410-2005b, meets or exceeds ASTM-E84-25/50 smoke & flame, high temperature resistance, low bacterial growth, and outstanding fabrication qualities.

TechLite® Piping and Sheet Insulation is a precision-machined, mechanical insulation system developed specifically as a lightweight, non-fibrous alternative to conventional fibrous and elastomeric products. The insulation system is safe and recommended for all sanitary and clean environments. TechLite® Systems are durable and efficient insulation products that will provide years of maintenance free, reliable service.

TechLite® Pipe Insulation consists of two half-sections of Precision-manufactured foam insulation with an engineered shiplap design and is produced in 4-foot lengths. Precision fabricated TechLite® fitting inserts and molded PVC fitting covers are designed to complete your pipe insulation jobs the professional way. TechLite® melamine foam is available with factory supplied jacket choices.

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